Merritt : Smart meters and WiFi public meeting


Smart meters and WiFi the discussion of public meeting tonight

NOVEMBER 10, 2011 


A local group says it hopes to educate Merrittonians on BC Hydro’s controversial Smart Meter program as well the

dangers associated with wireless technology at a presentation tonight.


After an unsuccessful attempt to get the City of Merritt to place a moratorium on the smart meter program earlier this fall, Merritt man Walter Vohradsky has organized a public meeting tonight at the Merritt Civic Centre he hopes will alert people to the “economic, democratic, and health concerns” associated with Hydro’s two-way wireless hydro meters, which will provide time-of-use data to the utility.


“This event is vitally important to the citizens of Merritt concerning their family health and their security and well being,” says Vohradsky, who will host the event. The meeting gets underway at 7 p.m. tonight.


“I believe their intellect and heart will convince them where the truth is regarding the danger and damage to humans related to this wireless technology … the objectives of the presentation this evening are two-fold: one, to inform residents about radio frequency/electro-magnetic fields, to show residents how they can protect their persons and residences from installation of wireless smart meters, and to push back against BC Hydro, and their agent Corix, if they already have a wireless meter installed on their residence without the owner’s consent.”


Although BC Hydro considers the program mandatory, Hydro has stated that if ratepayers refuse the installations, Hydro will not install. Hydro is currently installing smart meters in Merritt and around the province, with a completion date for all of the province next year.


Brian Thiesen of the Kamloops branch of the Coalition Against Smart Meters will be the main presenter at the meeting tonight. Curtis Bennett, an engineering technologist out of Kelowna, will also speak.


Mayoral candidate Bob Baird as well as city council candidate Mike Goetz are confirmed to attend the meeting.


Other discussion on the agenda includes the safety issues surrounding cell phones and WiFi in schools.


Vohradsky co-chairs the Coalition Against Smart Meters’ Merritt branch.

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