Montreal calls for moratorium on ‘dangerous’ smart meters    Updated: Wed Jan. 25 2012 11:24:27 PM
MONTREAL — The fight against Hydro-Quebec’s plan to install smart meters across the province continued on Wednesday as a group of Montrealers called for a moratorium, citing the unknown danger of the radio frequency used by the meters.”We don’t know what’s the environmental danger if these smart meters are put in our homes,”said Marie-Michelle Poisson.
A resident of Villeray, Poisson refused to be part of the 18-month, 20,000-customer trial where Hydro-Quebec tested the meters in her neighbourhood and other small markets in the province.A $350 million project, Hydro-Quebec hopes to have the meters installed province-wide by 2017. The meters can transmit accurate power and water data to the utility, removing the need for manual readings and invoices based on prior usage.”We have a long way to go is to explain to our customers, one by one, that the technology is safe,” said Isabelle Courville, president of distribution for Hydro-Quebec.

Courville said the RF emissions from the new wireless device are 100,000 times below recommended limits. Health Canada compares the signals to those emitted by cell phones and wireless Internet routers.

Despite the reassurances, organizers with the Quebec Coalition to Fight Electromagnetic Pollution want the government to enact tougher standards.

According to McGill Science and Society Director Joe Schwarcz, radio frequency studies are conclusive: the meters will not have negative health effects.

“We know that radiofrequency cannot break chemical bonds and in order to induce cancer you need to break chemical bonds,” said Schwarcz.

Poisson cited another concern, her feeling that Hydro-Quebec was ignoring her right to choose.

“I don’t have a cell phone, I’ve never had one. As for WiFi, I will be switching back to cables because I have the choice,” said Poisson. “With smart meters, you don’t have the choice.”


Coalition québécoise de lutte
contre la pollution électromagnétique

Quebec coalition to fight against electromagnetic pollution

Montreal / Laval

La Salle Refuse

Mauricie Refuse

Quebec Refuse

Estrie Refuse

Quebec Conference



3 Responses to “Montreal calls for moratorium on ‘dangerous’ smart meters”

  1. Galia says:

    Please tell me which organization in Montreal leads fight against Hydro’s installation of “smart” meters.

    If our efforts be joint we can succeed in stopping the campaign, extremely hazardous for the people health.

    Thank you,

  2. Fritz says:

    Radio Frequency studies are conclusive, the meters will not have negative health effects? If this is a so called man of science saying this? How can he reach that conclusion when cell phones, WiFi and not so smart meters/mesh networks were largely non existent more then 20 years ago? Note that he is not the director of the school of medicine or biochemistry, something called “Science and Society” But here is a valid question, how many years does it take for a smoker to develop a tumor? Also among most people peanut butter is harmless and entirely safe, but to a small percentage of the population it can be as deadly as arsenic.
    I don’t believe that I have electromagnetic sensitivity but my objection to this flawed technology is that I do not wish to live in a surveillance state and be monitored 24/7. I also think it’s foolhardy to make critical infrastructure, such as utilities, vulnerable to hacking by foreign governments or terrorist groups, through using wireless technology or internet, that can be intercepted or interfered with, just so they can fire the meter readers. I also happen to think that it’s a safety hazard to trust a lump of plastic filled with low voltage consumer grade junk electronics to monitor and control high voltage, high current, electric power through the load limiting switch in the back.

  3. Roberto Csiki (Vindicator) says:

    I need to be a part of a larger organization as I am fighting alone.

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