Notice of Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro


Citizens for Safe Technology Society & Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

– April 29, 2013

Notice of Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro

Invitation for Participation

BC Hydro is a crown utility, an arm of the provincial government that is reaching into the private space of our domestic environment and imposing choices on us that raise serious health concerns.

The World Health Organization/IARC has classified wireless radiofrequency radiation, such as that from BC Hydro’s Smart Meters, as a class 2B possible human carcinogen. Regardless, BC Hydro continues to impose, at our residences, the operation of these devices on a 24/7 basis.

BC Hydro’s conduct constitutes a violation of our autonomy and our right to determine what potentially harmful emissions do or do not occur from within our own domestic environment; our right to be free from physical intrusion by the state.

Active plans are in effect to advance this position before the Courts by way of a class action. We invite participation in the action, subject to Court approval, by individuals that meet all three of the following criteria:

1.  You have indicated to BC Hydro in writing (by way of letter or signage) that you do not accept the installation / operation of a wireless smart meter at your home for reasons that include health  concerns.

2.  Either a, b, c or d has occurred:

  •  a. Notwithstanding your written communication referred to above, BC Hydro proceeded to install and operate a wireless smart meter at your home.
  •  b. Notwithstanding your written communication referred to above, you have received information from BC Hydro setting out its intention to install a wireless smart meter at your home.
  •  c. BC Hydro has cut off its supply of power to your home as a consequence of your refusal to allow the installation of a wireless smart meter at your home.
  • d. BC Hydro has indicated its intention to cut off its supply of power to your home as a consequence of your refusal to allow the installation of a wireless smart meter at your home

3.  At all times during the above-referenced occurrences, you have been a customer of   BC Hydro at a residence which you ordinarily occupy.


We need your correspondence with us to be in writing. Please complete the Class Action Registration Form which can be downloaded from and

 Please send the Registration Form and donation for class action legal fees and administration by cheque payable to Coalition to Stop Smart Meters to the following address:

Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

PO Box 52061

Beacon Ave., RPO

Sidney, BC V8L 5V9

We are accepting donations to fund this civil lawsuit irrespective of participation.

If you have further questions, please contact:

  •  Sharon Noble at
  •  Una St.Clair at


Click here for Registration form. (Text Version)





15 Responses to “Notice of Class Action Lawsuit against BC Hydro”


    I contacted B.C. Hydro and told them that I did not want the smart meter installed. When the high rise condo building was switched over my suite was not included in the meter exchange. However, about two months ago I received a tag on my door saying that B.C. Hydro had been to my building and would return to make the change. The next day my power had been cut, indicated by blinking lights on my clock, fridge, etc, and a computer that had been shut down due to a power cut. I did not indicate by writing by a phone call. Do I qualify for this class action lawsuit?

  2. Janet Charette says:

    My friend is about to face criminal charges brought about by Toronto Hydro.
    It’s a long story, he resisted smart meters. His electrical power was cut off March 17 in the bitter cold. Even though he paid his bills on time there isn’t a newspaper in Ontario that was willing to have the guts to tell his story. He was slapped with criminal charges and billed $17,000 for alleged theft over the past 10 years… this has yet to be proven in court… the only way he could get his power back would be to pay the bill which would be an admission of guilt…. so where is the presumption of innoncence until proven guilty? He was arrested and thankfully was allowed out on bail under his own recognisance …. If you would like to talk to him, let me know I’ll give you his contact info.. His court date is set for May 8, 2013 in Toronto. Toronto Hydro has the right to do this, they are monitored by the Ontario Energy Board, the same institution that gave them the authority to do this? And the Ontario Energy Board is supervised by the Ontario Government who benefits from the taxes ….

  3. ilia bichin says:

    We went out of the country for 3 month from november3 to january 30/2013
    Before we left we switched off all the electrical breakers in our condo. As we returned on January 30/2013 our account was charged by BC Hydro in amounts more than 400 dollars for comsumtion. during this 3 month. The Bc Hydro state that comsumtion is the same as every year. But point we had been away last year and switched off breakers also. So we had to pay over 400 dollars for the time our breakers complete had been off. We have impossible time to prove.
    Our phone. internet,tv.gaz were switched off at the same time. We happy to provide West Jet prove in regards to purchased return tickets during this period that include the dates of our absence. Bc Hydro provided ” prove that inspector meter reader read the consumption,when it states that because of smart meters no inspectors attend the site.Please help.

    • Fritz says:

      I think that you may have to join the fellow from Nanaimo in his class action suit against Hydro for overbilling or take action in small claims court. Clearly something is not right here, assuming that you do not have electric heat you should not have a $400 bill if you were away for three months, either someone is stealing your power or you have a defective meter.

  4. marilyn lazar says:

    BC Hydro installed a smart meter in my irrigation pumphouse. When we turned the pump on this spring, smoke came out of our control panel for the pump. We had the hydro repair man come out and he said it was a faulty meter and they would replace it and to have bc hydro reimburse us for the expenses. I contacted bc hydro and they replied saying that they are not responsible for any damages and will not reimburse my expense for repairs. This is not morally right and I am continuing to argue my case.

    • Sharon says:

      Hi, Marilyn, Have you taken this to your MLA or the media? There have been many instances of electrical appliances being damaged and even fires, and Hydro refuses to take any responsibility. It is criminal, immoral and dangerous. These devices are fire hazards yet no one is tracking the incidents.
      Did the repair man give you anything in writing, or would he saying it was a faulty meter?


  5. Brian Chandler says:

    My Hydro bill has tripled since they put a smart meter in my house. According to them,maybe my old meter was defective. But $400 per month, for a small house? It used to be about $70. That can’t be right!

  6. sheldon hawkes says:

    Prior to being away last year on vacation, I had been doing some deck repair (sundeck),and had paced various pieces of timber so as to block Any and ALL access, my meter is on the deck.I returned from vacation to find a brand new shiny smart meter installed, I called them numerous times and mentioned they could have not only caused structural damage,but put the installer at risk. I had words with both the subcontractor as well as Hydro, after checking back months after-to follow up I found I can no longer phone the subcontractor, he had mentioned that although the installer should not have crossed or deconstructed my barrier,there is nothing I can do. and oh yes and he didn’t appreciate my colorful language.This device is placed outside right beside my head where I sit on my sectional, there is no other place for me to sit I’ve already had skin cancer on my face. oh yeah nice ram job Libs, just like the Hst-can’t believe the people of B.C voted this dictatorship back in,it just Boggles the mind!

    • Sharon Noble says:

      You are not alone in having your property trespassed upon and your clear refusal ignored. That is why we have filed a class action. If we allow our rights to be trampled upon with this program it will be easier for them to do it again. It is truly mind boggling, I agree, that this govt. was elected again, but also that people are not screaming about the lack of respect for democracy by this govt. They are doing whatever they want. Look at how they eliminated the one regulatory agency responsible for safe, fair and responsible utilities — the BC Utilities Commission. Because in 2008 the BCUC had said no to an application for the smart meters based on the fact that the benefits did not justify the costs, Hydro wrote the Clean Energy Act saying that the BCUC could not be involved in the smart meter program in any respect. We should be taking this govt. to court over this and so many corrupt things they’ve done. Please join us in this battle which we must win.

  7. Fraser Ruggles says:

    I’ve had to fight hard to keep my analog meter. I’ve made multiple phone calls, posted signs, and written letters. I finally thought I had won my right to keep my analog meter when I got this letter in the mail saying I’ll need to pay a new monthly fee if I want to continue to keep receiving the same service that I’ve been paying for for years, and that if I don’t pay this new fee, that will be automatically added to my bill, I’ll be subject to service disconnection. I’m disgusted and tired of their strong arm, bulling ways and tactics. I’ve had enough and I’m now willing to join your lawsuit.

  8. Nick Kennedy says:

    Hi Sharon. I live in Peachland and I am renting a basement suite. I just checked and there is a Smart Meter on this house. If I would have known that I never would have moved in June 1st. Cincidentally, my land lady was just here and said her hydro bill went from $60.00 last year for Oct. to $170.00 this Oct. She asked me if I was running anything in my suite to increase the bill like this. I have not, actually I am very power smart. Am I eligible for the class action suit?

    • Sharon Noble says:

      First your landlady should make sure the bill is not estimated. Hydro is sending bills based on who-knows-what that are higher than any prior bill, and not marking them as being estimated. People are paying them, even stinting on food, not being aware that they are paying for something they haven’t used! She should call and ask directly if the bill is estimated. hydro has even threatened to turn off power because people couldn’t pay the entire bill that was not based on reality.
      If the bill is not estimated, she joins the many thousands of British Columbians who are getting ripped off by these things. For some reason many are seeing huge increases in the number of kilowatt hours billed. I believe the meters are running fast — perhaps due to interference.

  9. 1.9 million B.C smart meters says:

    1.9 Million smart meters in B.C, transmit all your power ussage data non encrypted on the IR testing LED using infared light.

    Wayne Cross of B.C hydro, claims that transmitting your power data on IR light is that same as the, small LCD on the front of the meter.

    One is only viewable in the day time, and at short distance, and with limited viewing angles.

    The IR testing LED, is viewable at night, at great distances.

    Anyone with a smart meter can file a formal complaint with the B.C Privacy Commissioner, E Denham, who did an interesting report on smart meters in
    2011. In her report she found all data sent by or to B.C hydro is encryted.

    She failed to look at the IR testing LED, and refused to look at it now, when informed by email, phone ect about this matter.

    The data on the IR testing LED , is so accurate its actually used by Measurements Canada to test your smart meter.

    Talk about good data, you cant get much better, verified and tested, and all non encrypted, and B.C hydro transmits , discloses your data, from its meter.

    Also all smart meters are not tested nor aproved for, Billing when using the IR or RF data.

    On any RF or IR sending meter, the only data that can be used for billing,

    LCD screen total or IR testing Led , both where tested an aproved by Measurments Canada.


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