B.C. mayors consider moratorium on smart meters

B.C. mayors consider moratorium on smart meters

Mayors and councillors from across the province are considering calling for a moratorium on BC Hydro’s smart meters after hearing the health concerns of their residents.

A small group of protesters gathered outside the Vancouver Convention Centre Monday, calling on delegates at the annual convention of the Union of B.C. Municipalities to stop BC Hydro from installing the meters in every home.

“I believe the Liberal government is risking the health of the public. I think that we’ve become political pawns,” Una St. Clair of Citizens for Safe Technology told CTV News.

The meters are meant to monitor power use more accurately in the hopes of conserving electricity, but some people say the meters are dangerous because they use wireless radio frequencies and emit radiation.

Nanaimo Mayor John Ruttan says he hears about the meters daily.

“A lot of concern from our residents is how safe are the meters, and quite a bit of information has been provided both ways really,” he said.

BC Hydro, which is sponsoring the UBCM meeting, says that the smart meters are completely safe, but some municipal politicians are pushing for a moratorium. On Thursday, delegates will vote on the idea.

But many mayors don’t seem particularly concerned.

“I don’t see them any different than sitting in front of your computer at home,” Elkford Mayor Dean McKerracher said of the meters.

Even if the politicians vote in favour of a moratorium, it wouldn’t be binding, and about 100,000 smart meters have already been installed in homes across the province.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Rob Brown

CTV Video Coverage of the Stop Smart Meter Rally




6 Responses to “B.C. mayors consider moratorium on smart meters”

  1. capit says:

    almost all of their arguments that we already have no privacy can be refuted with : ” yes, but i have a choice as to whether or not i want xxxxx in my home…”

    cell phone
    cable TV
    credit cards
    phone line

    these things are used as examples of how we already have no privacy and should therefore not be concerned about having a SPY METER installed onto the sides of our houses.

  2. Hoping not to get cancer says:

    If someone said, eat this food every day, it may or may not be a carcinogen and kill you, you would think people could choose their risk, like smokers do. Here we have no choice to the same question. I guess we’ll learn the results in the years to come. Lots of cancerous deaths or status quo.
    What about those townhomes with multiple smart meters on one residence wall for the group and none on the others. Is multiple times the radiation OK too? It’s happened in Esquimalt BC already.
    When the World Health Organization is concerned about carcinogenic risk, and the population is concerned, why is it forced anyway. Who’s getting a healthy cheque from it all.
    California is making a stand with many counties and local governments support. Doesn’t appear to matter though.

  3. Tyler Newstead says:

    It should come down to choice. If you feel ok with having this technology installed, then let it be installed, if you don’t want it, then have the option available to keep your old meter. They would know who needed their meters checked exactly, and would it really be that much of an inconvenience to a company that makes millions upon millions yearly off of us… Especially with a 30% rate increase possibly looming around thr corner?

  4. Sarah Mika says:

    There are rumors, that B.C.Hydro will dispose of the analogue meters soon after the the installment of the smart meter. So why hesitate, lock up the present meter and send a registered letter to B.C.Hydro of your intentions . Why get rid of the analogues any way, are they so desperate of the reactions of the smart meter, that they have to make sure to get their money back. And why the roll-out globally at a speedy rate.? I think this is the time to re-act. There is something fishy going on with these meters, and how about the second chip that is supposed to be in the meter??

  5. sarah van Os says:

    I very recently spoke with some clients from B.C.Hydro. They were in shock about the electrical bill, which was up to almost 500$.. They were almost in tears, because they had to make a choice between paying the bill or cut back on food and other important items for their children . . Is B.C. Hydro raping their customers for their own benefit ???? I hope, that they have something left called a CONSCIOUS…..
    Do not forget, that B.C.Hydro is a public utility, and that they are only salesmen trying to get their investment back . Which makes me wonder, does the Provincial Government cater to the CORPORATIONS OR TO THE PUBLIC WHERE THEIR RESPONSIBILITY LIES ?????????????????????S

  6. stop smart meters agenda 21 and iclei… take back our country! pauline

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