Built with a Message


Disclaimer :

By posting these photos the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters is not endorsing the act of securing or enclosing a meter .

These photos are posted merely as examples of the steps British Columbians have felt necessary.



People have constructed various designs that make a strong statement.  These builders documented the construction for others that are interested.





  Examine frame of house from behind or with Stud Finder






  Frame securely attached to house studs





    Hole cut in Door, Hinges attached


   Paint and Lock

Attach Letter to BC Hydro / Corix,   Attach No Trespassing Sign
















These Boots made for Locking



Many people are taking the step of “enclosing” their analogue meters, protecting them from removal, while still making sure that the necessary ID tags and consumption information remain clearly visible and intact. (along with the disclaimer that is on this page)

There many locks being made and offered for sale, and the Coalition is offering this information without endorsement.

‘HORNBY LOCKS’ ARE AVAILABLE : from 250-335-2528. These are the 6″ circles with 2 ‘wings’ (approx. 12 ” long), with screw-holes. And the screws need to be gummed up – with non runny glue, the best being “JB Weld” epoxy. ( I also drill 2 extra holes with 2 exta screws for a more secure installation.)

 Also the often-preferable “Vernon” type locks are available from mcpearson54@gmail.com 

It has been reported that in most cases, the vernon type with the padlock (not included) works best. But in some situations, such as where the meter is inset into siding etc. it’s necessary to use the Hornby model or some other design, as the vernon type will not fit. However, the Hornby model still works in most situations.


California :