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Fire -

I was just given this website as a friend of mine, co-worker had an issue with a smart meter and it burnt her house down.

3 weeks ago we were having several electrical problems with our house.  The lights constantly flickered and the the house started surging.  I had my electrician come asap.  We ended up changing all of our breakers.  Once this was completed, my dryer would work but there was no heat.  So we took the heater coil out to get it replaced.  But this piece was over $100.00 so we decided just to buy a new dryer.  This Saturday our new dryer came, we hooked it up and there was no heat again……..So now I am mad as my dryer was fine, and I just wasted $500.00 on a new dryer 

My electrician came back on Sunday morning, and we found out that there was not enough power going to the dryer outlet.  So we decided since all the other breakers were new, we had a feeling that the main breaker was only half working.  So we ran to home depot got a new main breaker and went to install.  Once we did this there was NO power to the house at all.  We then put the old breaker back in thinking we may have a default breaker.  But then the old one would not work either.  We then tested the power coming in from the hydro and it was not what it should be.  I then immediately called hydro.  They came out replaced the line and moved it.  The technician told me to go flip the breaker to on.  So I did this and still no power 

I was very upset by now.  The technician then went to test my ‘Smart Meter’.  He pulled the meter off and it was melted on the backThe one lug was very wide, and it had burnt the whole inside of the base and open wires.  They hydro technician stated that we were VERY lucky that we still had a house left.   Our power was off from 10:30-18:10 on Sunday, which was very inconvenient to us all.  I have never said no to these meters, but now I will make EVERYONE I know aware of them.  This is not acceptable.

 I then had to wait for a hydro electrician to come, he took 3 hours to rebuild the base and then hydro had to come back and hook up the hyrdro.  Everything is running now.  I am trying to get hydro to pay for the price of my new dryer.  As this is what triggered this problem.  I am a single mom and have an 11 year old son and two cats.  If my house would have been burnt down we would have been on the street.

 I have attached a picture of my burnt meter and the burnt base.

Fire – Vernon, BC

Smart meter sparks fire?  by Robert Buffam – Global News Okanagan – September 06, 2013:
“Did an electricity smart meter start a fire that destroyed two Vernon homes? The device is being laboratory tested to try to find out. Robert Buffam reports.”


Fire – BC

BC Hydro installed a smart meter in my irrigation pump house.

When we turned the pump on this spring, smoke came out of our control panel for the pump.

We had the hydro repairman come out and he said it was a faulty meter and they would replace it and to have bc hydro reimburse us for the expenses.

I contacted BC Hydro and they replied saying that they are not responsible for any damages and will not reimburse my expense for repairs.

This is not morally right and I am continuing to argue my case.

Fire – Blewett (Nelson)

 I am the person who owns the house, which caught fire in Blewett.  The fire started in the outlet in my son’s room.  We never had anything plugged into that socket.  We also had a smart meter!


Fire  – Vancouver

Two Fires, One Home – Vancouver


Fire  – Port Alberni

A Corix technician inspects a damaged electrical meter base on Margaret Street on Tuesday afternoon after an attempted smart meter swap-out went wrong. -   Alberni Valley News


Fire  – Mission BC

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Fire – Alberni

By  Wawmeesh G. Hamilton – Alberni Valley News
Published:  May 16, 2012  

Human error, not electrical malfunction sparked an electrical fire during a smart meter swap-out at a Port Alberni residence, Port Alberni Fire Chief Tim Pley said.

Fire crews responded to a call about an ‘electrical problem’ at a house in the 3200 block of Ninth Avenue just after 4 p.m. on Tuesday.

Upon arrival, firemen saw smoke coming out of the basement door adjacent to the electrical meter base. “They heard sounds of fire crackling inside the door,” Pley said.

Firemen forced their way in the basement of the house where they found a small fire burning near the electrical panel, which because it’s electric they doused with chemical extinguishers instead of water, Pley said.

Flames were making their way up the inside of the wall so firemen forced their way into the main floor of the house and stopped the fire before it went any further, Pley said.

Firemen found signs of melted electrical wire and charred wood around the electrical meter area, but human error caused the flare-up, he said.

“One of the meter technicians caused a short in the meter base when he used a tool inside it,” Pley said. “The smart meter never even got installed yet — there’s no evidence I’ve seen that they cause fires.”

Pley said he’s heard of other fires involving smart meter swap-outs. “In those cases the meter bases were old and brittle but that’s not the cause here,” Pley said.

Hydro has been cut from the home, which has now been turned back over to the owner.

“He’s going to have to get an electrician to repair the wiring and get it inspected before power can be restored,” Pley said. “He’s insured but it’s going to be a pretty big job.”

Corix Utilities has been contracted by BC Hydro to install 1.8 million smart meters throughout B.C. — 17,800 meters in Port Alberni. Corix employees and a vehicle were present at the incident on Ninth Avenue.

Corix officials couldn’t be reached for comment.

BC Hydro spokesperson Ted Olynyk confirmed that there was a problem during an installation of a smart meter in Port Alberni. “The work was done by a qualified electrician with over 15 years of experience,” Olynyk said.

Further comment about the matter will be made after Olynyk speaks with Corix officials, he said.

Hydro and Corix have put the homeowner up in a hotel. “We want to make right by the customer just as quick as we can,” Olynyk said.


Property Damage – BC

About a month ago I had an issue with my stove.  it’s electric.  I had a pot on the back burner when all of a sudden it sounded like a welder.  I freaked out and got the pot off the stove and turned the burner off and at this time the lights of the stove/clock/etc. turned off.  Everything came on a minute or so later.  My husband thought it was because I had aluminum foil wrapped around the catch basins for the elements.  I removed this and had no more problems until last night the same thing happened, after I hurriedly moved the pot off of the back right of the stove the pot top came off and welded itself to the front pot on the stove.  All the lights on the stove went off and then came on by themselves again. When my husband went to remove the front pot it was welded to the element.  The left burner in the back was still on and when I shut it off everything on the stove shut down.  

I’m going to get my husband to check out the stove but was wondering if anyone else has had this problem since having the smart meter installed? 



Fire – Alberni smart meter swap-out sparks fire

Firemen emerge from the basement of a Ninth Avenue house on Tuesday afternoon after extinguishing an electrical fire. The flare up was sparked during work on a smart meter swap-out, fire officials say.



Smart Meter started smoking and house left without power for day

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